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Our Products

At 0xMetaLabs, we have developed products tailored for a wide range of industries. Our solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of each sector, ensuring enhanced efficiency, seamless integration, and exceptional performance. From finance and healthcare to retail and beyond, our innovative technology services empower businesses to achieve their goals and stay ahead of the competition. Trust 0xMetaLabs to deliver cutting-edge solutions that drive growth and innovation across all industries. Some of our products are listed below.


BotX delivers custom bots tailored to your specific needs. Whether you need a chatbot for customer service, a data collection bot, or a workflow automation bot, BotX can create a solution that fits your requirements. These bots leverage the latest AI and machine learning technologies to provide intelligent, efficient, and reliable automation for a variety of business processes.


DisaX is a premier offering that protects your infrastructure and ensures cyber security. It also provides comprehensive disaster management and recovery solutions. With DisaX, you can safeguard your business from cyber threats, minimize downtime during disasters, and ensure a quick recovery to maintain business continuity. This product is essential for any organization looking to fortify its IT infrastructure and protect its digital assets.


ContainX is our award-winning solution for containerizing applications. Whether dealing with legacy systems or complex, resource-intensive applications, ContainX can containerize it all, providing a modern, efficient, and scalable environment. This product simplifies deployment, enhances performance, and ensures consistency across different environments, making it ideal for businesses looking to modernize their IT infrastructure.


RoboRage is designed for enterprises of all sizes looking to automate their daily repetitive tasks. Utilizing our in-house trained ML models, RoboRage identifies and automates routine processes seamlessly, without causing disruptions. This product boosts productivity, reduces operational costs, and allows employees to focus on more strategic tasks, driving overall efficiency within the organization.


Cueclad is an end-to-end ecosystem app designed for the hyperlocal indie independent industry. It provides a comprehensive platform for managing and promoting independent Entertainment artists, Venues, offering tools for marketing, sales, customer engagement, and more. As the winner of the Startup 2020 award, Cueclad has proven its effectiveness in supporting and growing independent businesses, making it a vital tool for Artists, and Fans.


Documonk is another of our award-winning products, enabling the distribution of tamper-proof, verifiable digital documents powered by blockchain technology. It ensures the security and authenticity of documents, making it ideal for industries that require stringent document verification processes, such as legal, finance, and education. With Documonk, you can confidently manage and share important documents knowing they are secure and verifiable.


Cricbook is an end-to-end cloud-native cross-platform bookmaking suite specifically developed for cricket bookmakers. It offers a comprehensive solution for managing all aspects of cricket bookmaking, from odds calculation and bet management to real-time updates and analytics. Cricbook's cloud-native architecture ensures seamless scalability, security, and accessibility, making it the preferred choice for cricket bookmakers around the globe.


My Tariff is an AI-driven hotel tariff management suite designed to help hotels monitor their competition and stay ahead. By leveraging advanced AI algorithms, My Tariff provides real-time insights into competitors' pricing strategies, enabling hotels to dynamically adjust their rates and maximize revenue. This cutting-edge tool ensures that hotels can maintain a competitive edge in an ever-changing market landscape.


PaperScan is an A-graded document scanner for mobile devices, proudly made in India. It offers high-quality scanning capabilities, making it easy to digitize physical documents with precision and ease. PaperScan supports various file formats and integrates seamlessly with cloud storage solutions, ensuring your documents are accessible anytime, anywhere. This product is perfect for professionals on the go, ensuring they can manage their documents efficiently.